Monday, March 18, 2024

CB Kiddo - "Feeling Fine"/"So It Goes"

Wasn't I just talking about how I knew the demise of Phone Jerks would have a silver lining because former members' new projects would ultimately multiply the awesomeness? The awesomeness continues to multiply! CB Kiddo is Emily's home-recorded pandemic project. And while there is much controversy and debate surrounding various aspects of Phone Jerks (What was their best record? Which band did they rip off the most? Which song should they have covered? Which song should they not have covered? Who had the best hair?), I think fans would unanimously proclaim Emily as their favorite Phone Jerks singer. So the idea of Emily singing on another project was going to be warmly-received even if she just sang hockey scores over top of jazz flute. But far better than that, CB Kiddo turns out to be a lo-fi rockin' poppy punk thing that's gonna have you all going nuts. Its worldwide debut features a pair of unmastered demo tracks that you'll love even if you're too bougie to like Phone Jerks. Both of these songs — "Feeling Fine" and "So It Goes" — are stone cold bangers with killer hooks and freaking awesome lyrics. Seriously: "Feeling Fine" could be an A-side right now. Holy cannoli, what a debut! And it's a free download, so you've got no excuses for sleeping on it! 

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