Saturday, September 23, 2023

The Suttles - Third Stroke

Fred, Julian, and Max are back with their third album in three calendar years. And I'm sure not complaining! On Third Stroke, The Suttles continue to do what they've always done so well: make music influenced by all my favorite records! The Paris-based trio's sweet spot is '77 UK punk and mod meets late '70s power pop. That couldn't be any more up my alley, and Third Stroke finds the band in top form. "Without a Sound" kicks things off sounding like The Undertones meets The Real Kids, and it's off to the races from there. "Un Certain Temps" (with lyrics sung in French) reminds me of first album Clash. "Make You Mine" reinterprets an obscure 1971 Fairchild B-side as classic power pop. "Weekend à Lille" channels the pub rock stylings of The Vibrators and Eddie & The Hot Rods. "You'd Better Dance" sounds like it could be an outtake from Joe Jackson's Look Sharp. And then you have "quintessential Suttles" numbers like "Stuck On You" and "Won't Come Back to Me" that do not disappoint. Track after track, the band delivers a tune that's catchy as hell and sure to have you reaching for your dancing shoes. To be able to turn out three albums in this style and actually get better with each release is quite the impressive feat. The Suttles are on a roll that I hope never ends!

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