Sunday, September 10, 2023

Big Blast Records presents - Summer Blast 2

While the summer approaches its waning days, the summer music never has to end. Out now on Big Blast Records is the digital compilation Summer Blast 2 — which features quintessential summertime power pop tracks from the Chicago label's flagship bands: The Bishop's Daredevil Stunt Club, The Glad Machine, and Golden Richards. In their signature style, the BDSC hit the sweet spot where '70s power pop and '90s alternative rock intersect on opening track "Your Corvette Summer." As you may have surmised, the song is an homage to the 1978 cult classic film starring Mark Hamill. If you like big hooks and guitars cranked to the max, this tune ought to be up your alley. And lyrics like "We were all about flying fighters and killing death stars/Thought we could ride that wave in a tricked out muscle car/But the fire on the sides was a sign this is B-movie magic" are pure genius. The Glad Machine ventures into full-on '80s power ballad territory on the awesome track "Can We Still Fall in Love this Summer?", and it's like I'm 16 again when that chorus hits. Think REO Speedwagon's High Infidelity meets Cheap Trick's Lap of Luxury! To bring it on home, Golden Richards delivers the most summery summer pop song imaginable in "Hey Mr. Softee." This tribute to the iconic ice cream truck franchise captures the spirit of what it meant to be a tween or teen in the '70s and '80s — its protagonist chasing down that Mister Softee truck in hopes of buying a cone for a special someone. With its earworm riff, melodic chorus, and majestic harmonies, this song is vintage power pop and vintage Golden Richards. Remember when you could get an ice cream cone for a quarter?  

Big Blast Records' Summer Blast 2 is an exception to the rule that sequels are never as good as the originals. All three of these tracks would have been formidable singles in their own right, but they fit together here splendidly as a celebration of summertime rock n' roll and eternal adolescence. Crank these tunes as you enjoy the last gasp of summer. And for those of you on the other side of the equator, consider these tracks for your upcoming summer playlist!

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