Sunday, September 10, 2023

Friends Of Cesar Romero & The Manxx - split

Hey kids! Are you ready for some rock n' roll that's money-back guaranteed to set your soul on fire? Snappy Little Numbers Quality Audio Recordings has brought us a killer collaboration between the mighty Friends of Cesar Romero and Colorado-based garage rockers The Manxx. FOCR is such a versatile project. You never know what you're gonna get from J. Waylon and friends. Sometimes it's perfect power pop. Other times it's punchy pop-punk or '60s-influenced melodic guitar pop. On this release, FOCR finds itself poised to blow the doors off the garage. On "You Lied (Now You're Gonna Cry)", J. Waylon is joined by Dug Two Bulls who rips it up on the organ. This is familiar lyrical territory for FOCR. But instead of coming off melancholy or woebegone, J. Waylon sounds defiant and totally fired up. This is a garage rocker that comes on like a firecracker. Imagine "Louie Louie" if you could understand the words. With its irresistible guitar and organ riffs and sing-along chorus, this is ten-out-of-ten caliber garage rock! Up next, FOCR teams up with Sara from The Manxx for an inspired rendition of The Drags' "Feel Real Good." The title is truth in advertising. You will rarely come across a more thrilling 55 seconds of rock n' roll. To finish, The Manxx fully matches FOCR's intensity with the exhilarating "You're Losing Me." I think the reason I don't review a lot of modern garage rock is because it doesn't often hit me the way this song does. "You're Losing Me" attains levels of attitude and unstoppable rhythmic energy that are rare in modern music. Just push play, and you've got yourself an instant party. What an amazing EP! If these three tracks don't immediately have you dancing around the house and screaming for utter joy, you might want to check yourself for a pulse.

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