Thursday, July 13, 2023

The Ape-Ettes - Simply The Ape-Ettes

Out today on two most excellent labels (Reta Records and Snappy Little Numbers) is the first vinyl release from Sudbury, Ontario's The Ape-Ettes. The Ape-Ettes are Julie (guitar, vocals), Melanie (drums), and Andrée (bass). They released a really fantastic album back in 2017 which I'm just now discovering and totally loving. The new 7", titled Simply The Ape-Ettes, is an absolute treat for anyone who enjoys punk-influenced garage rock (that's just about all of you reading this, right?). It delivers four songs that are all equally good in different ways. "Trampoline" is a straight-ahead rocker and a good, old-fashioned breakup song. With its punchy guitars, clever lyrics, and bad-ass vocal, it has the feel of a song that would be a radio hit if they still played real rock and roll on the radio. "Rémi" is more of a high energy power pop rock and roll number. It's a real toe-tapper and a super fun song in general — with lyrics that are an affirmation for cool moms everywhere. "Inner Child" is a groovy psychedelic pop song about the importance of self-love. Who can argue with that? Bringing it all home is "Hearing Protection," a punky garage pop anthem pondering the importance of aging gracefully and the literal hearing risks of playing in a punk rock band. What a delight this record is! These are thoughtful, profound songs, and they'll get you dancing to boot! Simply The Ape-Etttes is simply a smash! The 7" is extremely limited and comes in two gorgeous variants: sky blue vinyl and clear vinyl with red and sky blue splatter. Get yourself a copy while the getting's good!

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