Monday, July 03, 2023

Friends of Cesar Romero - "Cold East Coast Shoulder" b​/​w "Greenway Thunderbird"

I again find myself awed and appreciative as J. Waylon continues to release some of our finest present-day power pop/punk/garage music with his prolific project Friends of Cesar Romero. Cold East Coast Shoulder, already the fourth FoCR EP of the year, is #37 in the band's Doomed Babe Series. The title track finds J. Waylon doing what he does better than almost anyone: writing a breakup song that will intoxicate you with its hooks even as it tears out your heart. The song title alone is a stroke of brilliance, and the lyrics are some of J. Waylon's finest. Seriously, just read that second verse:

You needed someone to fill the void/
But somehow now baby you’re annoyed/
I wrote these words down in a poem/
Then I burned it all down like Ancient Rome

It seems that even as it nears its 40th installment, the Doomed Babe Series is still picking up steam! "Cold East Coast Shoulder" is a stone cold gem from a songwriter/band that should be on every power pop fan's radar. "Greenway Thunderbird" is another fresh blast of top-quality pop, and "Don't Look Back" is a very lovely cover of a Teenage Fanclub classic. All in all, this is another stellar EP out of many produced by Friends of Cesar Romero over the years. If you like what you hear, be sure to also check out the punchy '60s-style rocker "You Really Had Me" which was released in May (#36 in the Doomed Babe Series!).

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