Sunday, July 16, 2023

Rad Max - "So Convenient"

The latest single from Portland's Rad Max is another new wave smash. "So Convenient" is the foursome's first release in a year, following up last summer's anthem "Extraterrestrial Radio." On the surface, "So Convenient" is a celebration of the cultural phenomenon that is the American convenience store. Where else on Earth can you purchase beef jerky, enormous sugary beverages, lottery tickets, and freshly grilled hot dogs in one stop whilst witnessing the finest in local color at any hour of the day? But in verse two, the song takes exactly the futuristic/modern dystopian turn you'd expect from Rad Max. With its mix of humor and spot-on social commentary, this song totally hits a sweet spot for me. Bouncing back and fourth between post-punk and pure pop music, "So Convenient" has got an '80s feel for sure — and of course I'm talking about the 2080s. The little bit about the brain freeze really made me laugh because I recently suffered from such an affliction (and yes, it was brought on by overzealous slurpee consumption). One of my major life goals is to someday hear this song at a convenience store. For now, you can download the track for the very low price of free and save your spare change for that single roll of TP.

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