Friday, July 07, 2023

Bart and the Brats/The Battlebeats - Chickpea Records Presents An International Garage Split: Vol. 7

Volume 7 of Chickpea Records' International Garage Split series is a budget rock geek's dream come true! It finds France's Bart and the Brats teaming up with Indonesia's The Battlebeats. These are two of the best garage punk bands on the planet, and both are represented with top-notch material on this slab of wax. The Bart and the Brats side contains four tracks from the same sessions that produced the new album Assorted Cuts. These tracks seem to have been hand-picked for this project. They're a little faster and trashier and wouldn't sound out of place on a Rip Off Records singles comp. "Can't Stand the Beatles" is an absolute ripper and perhaps Bart's most convincing attempt yet to create his own Killed By Death cut. "Can't Complain" and "Ferme Cette Porte" perfectly capture the snottier, more ferocious side of Bart and the Brats (think more '99 than '77!). "Cold Beef" is also on the LP, but I'm more than happy to hear it again. On The Battlebeats side, Andresa continues to ride the hot streak from his recent singles on Big Neck, Post Party Depression, and Otitis Media Records. He's still channeling the spirit of '90s lo-fi trash, but he continues to push the boundaries of The Battlebeats' sound. "Surrender To You" is vintage Battlebeats and absolutely scorching. "Absolute Zero" approaches hardcore intensity — suggesting a budget rock Black Flag. "Pull It Off" is pure rock and roll and brings to mind bands like The Spaceshits. "You Don't Love" me is a brilliant display of punk rock songwriting efficiency — the musical equivalent of a one-punch knockout. "Matilah Kau" finds Andresa singing in his native tongue and worshipping at the altar of The Oblivians.  

When I heard that Bart and the Brats and The Battlebeats were joining forces on a split, I had high, high hopes. Chickpea Records Presents An International Garage Split: Vol. 7 more than lives up to my expectations. This is great stuff from two of the bands keeping real deal garage punk alive and well in 2023!

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