Friday, December 09, 2022

Real Tears - Whipped Dreams

Look who's back! Real Tears have been longtime favorites of this blog. On their third album Whipped Dreams, these Swedes stick to a winning recipe with 12 songs of upbeat, catchy power pop punk in just under 23 minutes. If you're into fast-paced poppy punk and this band is not already on your radar, Whipped Dreams will be a real treat for your ears. Songs like "You're Mine" and "Satisfy You" could not be any catchier without requiring a government warning. Tunes such as "Sloppy Sleeper" and "Fat Thighs and High Sighs" continue Real Tears' tradition of writing better Dickies songs than The Dickies have written in decades. But there are also signs that the band is broadening its influences just enough to keep us all happy. I dig the rockin' edge of "Cleaning Up the City," while "Ballentine" and the title track are pretty much pure power pop. And what kind of lousy human wouldn't love a song called "Grillin' with Grandpa"? The power pop/punk style has long been a go-to genre for me, and Real Tears continue to execute it to perfection. Whipped Dreams is available now from Spain's Family Spree Recordings!

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