Friday, December 09, 2022

Lisa Mychols & Super 8 - "Santa Please"

I have promised to be sparing in my coverage of Christmas music this season. But being sparing also means being selective, and I can confidently say I've chosen well with this review of a new Christmas classic by Lisa Mychols & Super 8 released on JEM Records. First of all, this transcontinental duo (Lisa Mychols is based in sunny California; Super 8 aka Paul Ryan aka Trip is based in Scotland) is one of the most extraordinary bands in present-day pop music. These two could release a song about any holiday or any other conceivable topic, and I'd be on board. You simply won't hear another band that's more masterful at crafting silky smooth harmonies and gorgeous melodies. If you've heard the band's rendition of "Don't Worry Baby" on JEM's tribute to Brian Wilson, you know what I'm talking about. 

"Santa Please" is immediately worthy of consideration as a new Christmas standard. No doubt, the duo channels some of Phil Spector's fabled Christmas productions on this lovely little number. Perhaps that is why I've taken to this song so quickly. 99% of my favorite Christmas songs were recorded pre-1970, and "Santa Please" has the feel of a song that could have come from that time. The concept is the stuff of a seasonal classic. What if it were Christmas Eve, and your sweetheart was out there playing the part of (or actually was) Santa? You'd know he had a job to do, but you'd still be longing for his return. Who wants to be alone on Christmas Eve? A song like this requires a vocal that's simultaneously wistful and hopeful, and the queen of power pop is more than up to the task. Ryan, who wrote, arranged, and recorded the track while singing backing vocals and playing all the instruments except drums, just might be a modern-day Phil Spector (minus all the personal shortcomings). My god, this song is exquisite. Listen to those harmonies! Listen to that chorus! Even if you're ordinarily Grinchy about Christmas music, your heart would melt if you heard "Santa Please" come on while you were out and about this holiday season. Hit this link right here to play or purchase this gem of a Christmas song (pun fully intended).

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Lisa & Trip said...

Thanks for taking the time out to write such a wonderful revew of our festive single - it's very much appreciated! All the very best for the holiday season and 2023. CHEERS! Lisa & Trip x