Thursday, December 22, 2022

Nasty Party - Monochromatic TV

So I've been going through my favorite releases of 2022 in preparation for my annual end-of-the-year post. Yesterday I headed over to Bandcamp so I could give Nasty Party's recent EP Loaded Dice another listen. And what did I find? A brand-new EP! Now that's my idea of an early holiday gift! Monochromatic TV is Nasty Party's fourth EP since December 2020, and it continues the Sydney-based duo's quest to fill the world with music that will make you wanna rage against the powers-that-be and dance like there's no tomorrow. If you thought Simon and Rhys might have mellowed by this point, you'd be very wrong. On Monochromatic TV, they're more worked up than ever over the sad state of affairs in Australia and the failings of politicians who seem intent on making it all worse. In particular, they address lock out laws, climate policy, and the current state of political discourse. As always, the music triumphantly rides the thin line between classic punk and new wave. Spiritually, Nasty Party are the proper heirs to The Clash and Midnight Oil. Yet they have a sound and style that's all their own, and they've yet to write two songs that sound alike. "Pollies" just might be the greatest political song I've heard in the last five years. I love that while this tune specifically rails against politicians in Australia, its message, sadly, is universal. I envision people on every continent gleefully shouting that chorus. The title track explores the psychological effects of the government's abusive relationship with the people. Along the same lines,  "Lie To Me" manages to be both an impassioned political rant and a perfect new wave pop song. "Wasn't On the TV" is Nasty Party at its most manically punkiest, and it makes me wanna run around like crazy and fuck shit up.   

Arriving on the heels of the brilliant Loaded Dice, the equally formidable Monochromatic TV sustains the energy, passion, and irresistible musical charm that have made Nasty Party one of the leading bands in the newest wave of new wave. I understand that protest music isn't for everyone. But Nasty Party is one of those bands that knows how to write great political songs that are great songs, period. Undeniably, the current wave of Australian punk groups is something very extraordinary. If you're still not including Nasty Party in those conversations, I highly recommend you dig into Monochromatic TV and the rest of the band's catalog.

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