Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Neon Bone - I Wanted You To Know

Madrid's Jarama 45RPM Recs. continues to crank out the hits! Since 2016, there are certain things you can count on from Jarama 45RPM. You know you're always getting a 7" record spinning at 45 RPM, and you know you're always getting a top band from the punk/garage/power pop universe. The label's latest release is a perfect example of that. Germany's Neon Bone is one of the best (if not THE best) pop-punk bands going these days. Fresh off of last year's fantastic album Make It Last, Neon Bone returns with an equally good EP. I Wanted You To Know features four tracks of first-rate poppy punk in the band's usual style. With its buzz saw guitars and melodies redolent of '50s/'60s rock and roll, the title track represents everything I love about this band! It comes in just one tick over two minutes, and of course it's a love song! "Put It On A Rest" and "Why Did You Go Away" are in a similar vein -- hitting that just-right mix of punk and pop. The EP concludes with "Island of Dreams", a punked-up cover of a 1962 hit by the folk-pop trio The Springfields. While this is obviously a very different version of a classic song, it really illustrates how Gumbo's songwriting is influenced by the timelessly melodic music of many decades past. If you love pop-punk, you are already aware that Neon Bone is as good as it gets these days. And I Wanted You To Know does not disappoint. Vinyl is almost sold out, so hop to it while supplies last!

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