Friday, January 08, 2021

Midnite Snaxxx - "Contact Contamination"

"If, like us, you feel the curious angst of living in this precarious period of decline, I encourage you to take a listen to two of our personal fave songs we have ever recorded."

The above quote from Midnite Snaxxx pretty much says it all! On its 7th single (and second release on Slovenly Recordings), the band captures the tenor of the times with an extraordinary pair of punk rock tracks. Recorded last spring just as the shit was hitting the fan, "Contact Contamination" taps into our collective anxiety, dread, and frustration with a fierce urgency. In many ways, these songs are the logical next step following the band's brilliant 2019 long player Music Inside. I believe the technical term for what's going on here is "punk as fuck", yet the musicianship and songwriting are wonderfully unique and highly sophisticated. Now going strong for a decade plus, the Snaxxx have undergone a remarkable musical evolution - in particular over the last few years as the current lineup of Dulcinea, Chris, Camylle, and Sammy has solidified into an absolute powerhouse. Never content to make the same record twice, this is a band that's always challenging itself to move forward. "Contact Contamination" and "Fight Back" are blistering punk anthems for our contemporary world. You can marvel at the intricate guitar interplay or shake your bottom to the inspired work of the band's dynamite rhythm section. But more than anything else, you'll feel the raw emotion that the band poured into these songs. No more bottling up your frustrations - turn this single up loud and let it all out. The extraordinary cover art is by Sarah Sequoia!

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