Sunday, May 12, 2019

Guitar Gangsters - "Being Stupid"

Yeah, you read that right: London's Guitar Gangsters are still at it! Out on the ever-dependable Wanda Records, new single "Being Stupid" is the latest installment in a recording career that dates back 30 years. And if you appreciated that Guitar Gangsters were one of the few punk acts in '89 that were still keeping the faith to the spirit of '79, you ought to be very happy about what they sound like in 2019! Now as always, the Ley brothers are all about the classic melodic punk of late '70s Britain. And they show they can still craft a damn catchy tune. "Being Stupid" is a nice snappy number recalling The Jam by way of The Kinks. If you're looking for a strong melody or a hook to grab ya, this song should do the trick. On the flip, "The Losing Side" burns with an urgency that most younger bands would be wise to emulate. I'm always a sucker for an anthemic chorus, and this song delivers exactly that! How can you not admire a song that can get you pumping your fist and still leave you with a melody you'll be whistling all week?

I always turn to Wanda Records for the best in new '77 punk, and "Being Stupid" sure makes a fine addition to the catalog. A tremendous showing from a veteran band that has never gotten enough credit!


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