Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Tiger Touch - "Hawthorne Boogie"

How about some righteously crank-worthy ROCK AND ROLL! Based in Portland, Oregon, Tiger Touch is a band comprised of former members of West Coast outfits The Gimmicks, Black Furies, Bonneville Power, and People Electric. And let me tell you: these dudes aren't screwing around! "Hawthorne Boogie" is the band's second 7", and it's a double dose of high energy action rock that kicks you straight in the teeth. These two tracks definitely bring to mind '90s Scandinavia via Detroit 1970, but what I enjoy about Tiger Touch is that there's even more going on than that. This band's sound is a potent cocktail of punk, glam, garage, heavy rock, and just good, old-fashioned '50s rock n' roll. These guys know their rock n' roll history and have absorbed their lessons well. And man, can they ever play: you've got three guitars raging like fire and a rhythm section that's as tight as it is relentless. The title track is MC5 worship done right - with thundering riffs, thumping drum work, and no shortage of epic soloing. On the flip, "Berlin City" hits with comparable power and even punches the pace up a tad. Turn up the volume and let the energy flow through you!

Even if you don't ordinarily go in for the "rawk" thing, Tiger Touch just might sway you to the dark side. And if you do, "Hawthorne Boogie" will have you in air guitar heaven. When it comes to punk rock n' roll, this is how you do it!


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