Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Radiohearts new EP!

You know there's not much in life that I enjoy more than '77-style punk & power pop. And when it comes to current bands creating that kind of sound, Radiohearts have been one of the very best for a number of years now. While I'd generally put this band in the highly underrated category, at least it can be said that some of the finest record labels in the world are big fans. The Long Beach, California foursome has worked with No Front Teeth Records a couple of times, and now the venerable German label Wanda Records gets in on the action! Out now on Wanda is Daytime Man - the fifth (and in my opinion, best) EP from Radiohearts. The sound is classic Radiohearts, leaning heavily on later '70s U.K. punk, power pop, and mod influences with additional nods to the '90s punk revival. As always, this band does a fine job of putting a fresh and original touch on a classic musical style. And lyrically, all of these songs are clever and fully on-point. The title track kicks off the EP in fine form and is everything we've come to expect from Radiohearts. "Know That Song" is wonderfully surprising - the closest thing the band has ever done to a pure power pop song (without sacrificing any of that all-important punk rock punch). Another pleasant surprise is "No More", an entirely successful foray into what you might call the SoCal punk sound. I dig! Overall this is a very satisfying collection of tracks - some leaning punk, some leaning power pop, and the rest falling ideally in between. Great stuff as always, and I guess it's time we start wondering if an LP might finally be in the works!



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Wow! Great band!