Monday, May 15, 2017

Meet The Chinchees!

When Ed from Radiohearts/Audio Ammunition asked me if I'd heard The Chinchees, I immediately knew I had to go check this band out. And let me tell you, Ed did not steer me wrong! Earlier this year, this Minneapolis trio self-released its debut album and quickly sold out the entire pressing. Dirt Cult Records is stepping up to issue a second pressing, which I hope will generate widespread attention for this immensely infectious collection of power pop tunes. This is one of those albums that delivers an instant jolt of energy the moment you put it on, and the fun just keeps going all the way to the end. The band tears through these songs with such unbridled gusto that you almost don't notice how well-crafted the hooks are. This is just awesome punky pop that manages to not sound like a thousand other "pop-punk" bands. Vocally, at least, I'm reminded a great deal of the late '80s/early '90s heyday of college radio. If you dig, say Tenement or Low Culture, you need to be all over The Chinchees! Stay tuned to Dirt Cult's Bandcamp for information on this second vinyl pressing. Digital album available now from both the label and the band directly!


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