Saturday, January 07, 2012

Paper Bags!

When a band terms itself "old school street punk garage slop", you know you're in for a royal treat! While the Paper Bags may hide behind their top-secret identities, this San Fran supergroup is believed to include members of the Trust Fund Babies, Sewer Trout, Complaints*, Double D's, Radio Reelers, Bad Tickers, Corrupters, and Oil! The group's self-released EP, limited to 300 copies in a spray paint paper bag sleeve, is a raging slab of hate-fueled sing-along punk in the grand tradition of the Angry Samoans and numerous first-tier Killed By Death favorites. This is Class A snot-punk, my friends. It's mean and nasty and hilarious and catchy as fuck! The production is perfect for a punk record, and all four songs are aces. With lyrics like, "I'll stop being a prick/When you stop being a bitch", lead track "Prick" is the feel-good hit of 2011-12. I also love "Go Die", which seems to be about some d-bag hipster who surely deserves every bit of it. Additional song titles "Medicate Tonight" and "Normal Shit" suggest that the Paper Bags are not exactly singing about sunshine and flowers. I give this my highest recommendation. Please let there be a full-length in the works!

- L.R.

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