Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Hitchhikers make a record!

I told you there was more Hitchhikers coverage in the works! If you haven't checked these guys out already, now would be a really good time. Front man Mitch "Trucker" Cartwright (The Humpers, The Bleeders) is backed by a formidable assemblage of Southern Californian punk rock veterans. Steve Swailes and Phil Naked are on guitar. Jorge Disguster is on drums, and Joe Bondoc is on bass. These dudes have been around, and they've come together to cook up some wild, degenerate punk rock n' roll - just the way you like it! New 7" "A Little More Time" is out now on Orange Fight Records, and it's limited to 500 copies. No surprise - this bad boy is going fast! Fans of the Dead Boys, Electric Frankenstein, or (Duh!) The Humpers will not want to miss out on this action. "A Little More Time" is a full tilt blast of flamethrower punk rock. Mitch's vocal is perhaps the next best thing to Stiv Bators coming back from the grave. My pick to click is "Brand New Girl", with its delightfully unsavory lyrics and supremely ripping lead guitars. If guys like me tread a little too close to cliche when we talk about certain bands making "pure, unadulterated" punk rock music, it's not without good reason. You listen to something like this, and then you listen to 99 percent of the stuff that's out there claiming to be "punk". The difference is staggering. The Hitchhikers are the real deal. Their music punches you in the gut and steals all your booze. Given the pedigree here, I think a lot of us were expecting big things from this record. And for sure, The Hitchhikers have delivered. America's next great punk rock n' roll band has arrived good and proper. Hide your daughters!


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