Sunday, February 11, 2024

The Prize/The Unknowns - split 7"

When it comes to blockbuster split EPs, Bargain Bin Records may have just taken the cake. Up for order now is a team-up between two of the best bands in Australia and two of the best bands in present-day rock 'n' roll. The Prize from Melbourne emerged a couple years back as perhaps the most promising new power pop group to come down the pike in years. The Unknowns have been standouts of the Brisbane garage/punk scene since 2016 and have only gotten better with each new release. Now these two bands share a piece of vinyl, and you're going to want in on the action. When we talk about how the Aussies have got it going on, this record is solid proof. While we await a momentous full-length debut album from The Prize, they've delivered a couple more smash hit tracks here to quench our thirst. If you like punk-influenced power pop with big hooks and arena-sized guitars, "One Day at a Time" will float your boat and power it across an ocean. Following up their brilliant album East Coast Low, The Unknowns are back with two more tracks of catchy old school buzz-saw punk with energy to burn. The vinyl comes in two colors and may be difficult to procure outside of Australia. At the very least, two of these four tracks are available now from the streaming sites and well worth snagging for your listening pleasure. If you're not listening to these two bands, you are really missing out! 

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