Thursday, February 08, 2024

Owen Adamcik - One Way Owen

The second installment in Owen Adamcik's Power Pop Paradise series — which promises to be a monthly event — is titled One Way Owen and available now for your streaming pleasure. The prolific Orlando-based teenage songwriter has made a seamless transition from punk rock to power pop. Last month's The Owens was an exceptionally promising release, and One Way Owen is even better. This EP retains the home-recorded charm of its predecessor, but it finds Adamcik progressing in his recording process with the addition of real drums and amps. Again he favors efficient song structures and an emotionally direct style. Only one of these five tracks exceeds the two-minute mark, yet there's nothing about these songs that feels half-assed or incomplete. Adamcik's talent for crafting a simple but irresistible hook is undeniable. And on this release in particular, the strain in his voice really adds to the sincerity of the material (I'm reminded a little of a young Mikey Erg). Adamcik is clearly a student of power pop history, and he fully gets the timelessness of the style. As long as humans exist, love songs will never go out of fashion. If you're a power pop fan, the promise of monthly EPs from Owen Adamcik for the foreseeable future ought to have you really excited.

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