Saturday, April 29, 2023

The Melmacs - "Alive"

The Melmacs, still fresh off of releasing one of the best albums of recent years, are back with the first installment in a new batch of singles! This German foursome is already one of my favorite bands, but "Alive" suggests that The Melmacs are only getting better. In typical Melmacs fashion, it combines catchy melodies and an irresistible energy with serious lyrics that confront darker aspects of modern times. The band describes the track as a "dousing hot-cold-shower, which sums up the blazing, man-made destruction we all live in." That's totally dead-on. "Alive" is nothing short of a powerpop punk anthem. It finds The Melmacs using upbeat music to say something important about society and the world we live in. Somehow optimism and pessimism coexist seamlessly here. Even as the band acknowledges a world plagued by despair, there's a life force to this song that reminds us that not all hope is lost. To be alive — and not just survive  — is a fine thing to aspire to. Meanwhile, The Melmacs have never sounded better as a band. Guitar, drums, bass, keyboards, and vocals are all on-point and in perfect harmony. If this is a taste of what's to come with album #2, I'd say it's going to be something special. And if you don't already own Good Advice, you are seriously depriving yourself!  

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