Sunday, April 30, 2023

Friends of Cesar Romero - Gameboy America

What can I say about J. Waylon that I haven't said already? If you're into the power pop/punk thing and don't own at least  a few of his releases, you're missing out on one of the finest songwriting talents out there. With his one-man-band Friends of Cesar Romero, he's proven to be not only prolific but also remarkably consistent. Gameboy America, the latest FoCR release, is yet another gem. While last month's Spiral Eye Roll leaned more in the pop-punk direction, Gameboy America (installment #35 in the Doomed Babe Series) finds J. Waylon flexing his power pop chops. It's not just that he writes about heartbreak and romantic disappointment so convincingly. He has also has a way of articulating his feelings that is absolute genius. Check out these lyrics from "Gameboy America":

You hold my heart when I’m held in your hands
You sang me lines from your favorite bands
You sold me dreams in 8 bit lands
Like Gameboy America

I know, right? And the whole song is that same level. Just read through the lyrics on Bandcamp, and you'll swear J. Waylon has been inside your brain. He's the poet laureate of the brokenhearted! Am I the only one who heard this song and thought, "This is like REM with a better singer"? "Somebody's Someone" is another slice of power pop perfection that eloquently explores that excruciating moment when you sense that your special someone might have a special someone else. At this point, it's no longer a surprise when J. Waylon turns out songs this great. But that doesn't mean we should take it for granted. Friends of Cesar Romero is a treasure of the underground music scene and more than worthy of a follow on Bandcamp!

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