Saturday, April 29, 2023

Poppy Robbie - "Twist and Pout"

I seem to be playing this strange game with Poppy Robbie's "Twist and Pout." Twice I've reviewed this song, and twice it has disappeared from the Internet like it never really existed. I had to ask myself: "Did this song ever exist, or did I just dream of it one night after drinking too many ginger ales?" Like so many of my great ideas for novels, perhaps it came to me as a fleeting thought and then vanished into thin air. Meanwhile, people have been visiting my blog for years and reading reviews of Poppy Robbie songs they can no longer listen to and wondering what I've been smoking. But then something funny happened: the mysterious, elusive "Twist and Pout" has turned up again — this time as the 35th volume of Something To Do Records' world-famous Something To Do Music for Something To Do People singles series. For the benefit of those of you outside of the pop-punk underground, I will say that inclusion in this series is pretty much the highest possible honor any pop-punk artist could ever aspire to. Once your music has been deemed worthy of Something To Do people, you have truly made it. You have fame. You have respect. I'm pretty sure you get some kind of jacket in the mail. I can safely assume, then, that "Twist and Pout" will not ghost me again. 

On that note, I must publicly endorse this song for a third time. It finds the artist once known as the dictator of pop channeling his inner Elvis Costello via Buddy Holly and turning the tables on all those show attendees who either heckle or (even worse) completely ignore those musicians who are on stage pouring out their hearts and souls. It's a hilarious little song which gleefully mocks those individuals who partake in live music events simply to be cooler than thou. Many of you reading this right now have had your own experiences with un-supportive crowds. Should you choose to incorporate "Twist and Pout" into your live set as a retaliatory measure, I can assure you that Robbie will not demand compensation. Somewhere in the world right now, someone is putting "Twist and Pout" on a playlist with Brad Marino's "Local Show." Or at least that's what I'd like to believe. God love all of you musicians.

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