Monday, April 18, 2022

Strange Neighbors - "Window Watching"

When a band contacts you promising "a bop that'll knock John Waters' moustache clean off" and "a beat that compels you to shake your butt like Billy Ray Cyrus in those tight blue jeans circa 'Achy Breaky Heart,'" there are only two possible outcomes: bitter disappointment or complete elation. The very fact that I'm writing this review tells you that Strange Neighbors did not let me down! As promised, the Brooklyn foursome's new single "Window Watching" is the kind of song that will instantly move you to dance and sing along. The band recommends it for shower singing in particular, but honestly it's suitable for any moment in life when you might be inspired to break into song. I would not look at you sideways if you belted out this tune while you were standing in line at the post office or eating a burrito. On this track, Strange Neighbors offer a modern & original take on indie power pop with lyrics that are cheeky yet incredibly relatable. This is a song tinged with sadness but also full of sweetness and hope. I can't help but smile because it articulates feelings I've experienced myself. Who among us has never missed someone so much that we had to resort to somewhat odd coping mechanisms? Being able to take such a universal human experience and turn it into three minutes of purely joyful pop music is a special talent indeed. As advertised, this song delivers the bop and the beat. And when that hook comes in, it's magical. My delight over encountering this song was matched only by my regret over having missed out on three years' worth of music by Strange Neighbors. But that's easily rectified. If you enjoy "Window Watching" as much as I have, be sure to dig into the band's full discography on Bandcamp. While you're at it, pull those tight jeans out of storage!  

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