Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Norcos Y Horchata - "Almost Lost My Thumb (To The Pinewood Derby)"

I've got a punk rock smash hit for you today! Amado from Devious Ones started Norcos Y Horchata as a quarantine solo project. At some point, Dougie (also from Devious Ones) and Roman joined in. Now Norcos Y Horchata is an actual band with an LP on the way! Given Amado's track record, there was never any doubting that this band would be awesome. "Almost Lost My Thumb (To The Pinewood Derby)" is the band's second digital single, and it's sure to have you singing along in no time flat. Who doesn't love a song that tells a story? In this case, it's a true story and a wonderful tribute to Amado's grandfather. This tune is tremendous fun, and there's a lesson to be learned about the dangers of using sharp knives without adult supervision. Enlisting a chorus of kids to sing the backup vocals was a stroke of genius! If this song were any catchier, they'd need a vaccine for it. The full album Forever Disheveled is expected to release this summer, and I can't wait!


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