Friday, November 23, 2018

McLovings - Love Strike

When I first reviewed McLovings back in 2016, I knew that they were my kind of band! This fab foursome from San Sebastián, Spain is back with its third release and like the previous two it can be had for the very reasonable price of free! What I enjoy about Love Strike is that it's one of those records that just makes you feel good. Both tracks are upbeat power pop that will have you singing along and furiously bobbing your within seconds. Seriously: no matter how crappy things are going, you simply can't have a bad day if you listen to these songs! "She Brings Me Coffee" boasts a hook you won't be able to get out of your head, and I like that it ends with an extra jolt of energy. Man, this one ought to be a hit! That melody is contagious. "The Place Is Here, The Time Is Now" actually dials up the energy with an even faster tempo. It's a perfect example of why I've always had a soft spot for European power pop. I can just imagine this song being performed live and seeing people going crazy dancing!

In my years of covering music, I've been struck by how much passion for rock n' roll exists within the borders of Spain. In that country, they just totally get it! Such an environment produces bands like McLovings, and the world is better for it!


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