Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Ravagers - "Drowning In Blood"

One of my favorite labels going these days is Spaghetty Town Records. I dig the label's unrelenting commitment to trashy rock n' roll, and I'm continually impressed with the talent it manages to recruit. With the likes of The Sweet Things and Dr. Boogie already on board, Spaghetty Town has added the mighty Ravagers to its formidable roster. This band, of course, features Hagen from RMBLR and Gabs from Biters. "Drowning In Blood" is the first we've heard from this Baltimore foursome in three years, and it does not disappoint! The title track puts the ROCK in punk rock. Those guitars are absolutely on fire, and Hagen's vocals are straight-up ferocious. What a ripper! On the flip, "Suzi (Has An Uzi)" is more on the pure punk side with a nasty Dead Boys style edge to it.

In addition to Spaghetty Town, No Front Teeth and Gods Candy Records are also involved with the release of "Drowning In Blood". It's great to finally hear new stuff from Ravagers, and I was stoked to discover that a full album is coming soon. If you like your punk music tough and hard, turn it up and enjoy!



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