Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Lucy and the Rats - self titled

When three labels the caliber of Monster Zero, Stardumb, and Surfin' Ki Records collaborate on the release of a vinyl record, you know it's gonna be something pretty great! Lucy and the Rats are a power pop band Lucy from The Spazzys formed with members of the English punk group Michael Jackson after she relocated to London a few years back. In 2016/2017, the band released a pair of singles on Surfin' Ki and Monster Zero. Now a proper album has arrived, and it's one of my favorite releases of the year so far!

If you enjoy The Spazzys but aren't yet familiar with Lucy and the Rats, you might be a little surprised by what you hear. While there's no questioning this foursome's punk pedigree, with this band the focus is on pure power pop. Melody and harmonies are in the forefront as the band draws from the classic sounds of the '60s. There's still plenty of punch in the guitars and drums, but the less-rushed tempos really allow these songs to take their time unfolding. Lucy's singing voice is warm and easy on the ears, which works so well with the pretty melodies the band favors. Lucy's willingness to show her softer side is really what gives these songs their charm. Some people are just naturally good at singing love songs, and I would definitely put her in that category. Of the ten tracks here, three are songs fans will recognize from the singles. But there's no drop-off with the new material, and it's not hard to imagine a song like "Make You Mine" or "Hold On Me" being an A-side in its own right.

This full-length debut from Lucy and the Rats is pretty much the ultimate power pop record. It's got that hard crunch on the outside with a soft, sweet center. You can land on any track of your choosing and encounter a melody you'll be whistling for days. This is just a top-class effort all the way! The songs are exquisitely crafted, the band rocks, and Lucy is as likable of a vocalist as you could ever hope to hear. This album is pop as fuck, and I love it! Follow the links below to peruse your many options for colored vinyl! Digital release coming next month on Dirty Water Records.



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