Monday, October 05, 2015

Lovesores v. Born Loose!

Let's keep this simple. Lovesores and Born Loose are the two greatest punk rock n' roll bands on the planet. Just don't ask me to decide who's #1 and who's #2. Pondering such a choice would cause my head to explode. The connection between these two groups dates back to the '90s glory days of booze-soaked punk rock n' roll - when Scott "Deluxe" Drake was fronting the legendary Humpers and Larry May was fronting the legendary Candy Snatchers. Both men are going strong these days with phenomenal new bands, and a Lovesores/Born Loose split is literally one of the greatest ideas in the history of humankind. And now it's a reality - issued on beautiful 7" vinyl by Catastrophe Records. Here's the premise: Lovesores cover the Candy Snatchers, Born Loose covers The Humpers, and each band contributes a ferocious original. On the cover is a picture of a unicorn with an apparent substance abuse problem.What's not to love about this record?!

I'd honestly say that Lovesores' output so far rivals the best of The Humpers, and that continues with the ripping "Crossed-Eyed Cat". This is down and dirty '70s punk n' roll just the way you like it - smeared in Thunders/Dead Boys street grit and featuring a knockout vocal from the ageless SDD. Yeah! Lovesores then put their distinctive twist on the Candy Snatchers' "Nightcrawler" - and of course it's a mind-blowing rendition! Two songs in, the price of the record has already been fully justified. But flip that bad boy over, and you'll get an equally awesome side from Born Loose!

I recently declared Born Loose's "I Loathe You" 7" the best punk rock single of the last couple years. And here on this split, New York City's finest band continues to destroy all comers! "Whiskey Holiday" is pure sonic debauchery featuring Suke's smoking lead guitar and a signature fire-and-fury vocal from Mr. Larry May. Now that is the kind of holiday I can really get behind! Born Loose then boldly tears into The Humpers classic "Fast, Fucked & Furious". It takes some big balls to cover this song, and almost any other band would fail miserably. But Born Loose is not any other band, and Larry & co. absolutely kill it with their version!

Alright! This split is an essential purchase for longtime Humpers/Candy Snatchers fans and anyone else who loves wild and sleazy punk rock n' roll. Both bands came through with top-tier original songs, and the covers are freaking great! Whatever you gotta pay to get your hands on this thing, do it!


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