Tuesday, October 08, 2013

The Junk!

I recently declared the Stitches/Gaggers split the punk rock single of the year. Running a close second place is the third 7" from Costa Mesa, California's The Junk - another co-release between Rapid Pulse and No Front Teeth Records. Let me tell you: this record is a monster! I'm talking about a slab of wax so hot that it sold out in just a few weeks (seems to be a recurring theme with this band!). If you can somehow get your hands on a copy of "Society & The Robot", do not pass on the chance! This is a killer single in the classic Hostage Records style - featuring three former Smut Peddlers and Riky Barnes from The Pushers on lead vocals. This is The Junk's first release since Barnes joined, and no doubt the band is sounding better than ever. The title track is a scathing statement on the role of technology and the government in the dumbing down of society, and it absolutely rips. It's textbook So-Cal punk: ferocious and rockin', yet totally melodic and full of fist-pumping sing-along moments. It'll have you longing for 1995, when The Humpers and U.S. Bombs ruled your turntable. I love the added dimension of Barnes's snotty vocals, and the lead guitar work is on fire! B-side cut "The Patch" is another stick of O.C. dynamite that might be even better than the A-side. I don't know. It's a close call. I might have to flip a coin. Given how quickly this band sells out of product, I'd urge you to "like" The Junk over at Facebook to keep up to date on all their future developments. If you're into the So-Cal sound and The Junk is not on your radar, you are seriously missing out. Let's all close our eyes, cross our fingers, and wish for a full album!


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