Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Meet The Pinsch!

Got some good stuff for you, friends! Hailing from the Twin Cities, The Pinsch might my #1 new band to watch this year. I have long been a fan of the supremely talented Miss Georgia Peach (Speedway, The Short Fuses, Bluebird). She's on guitar and vocals, while Sheela from Divebomb Honey is on keyboards and vocals. Rounding out this poptastic foursome are Francis from Strange Names and Matt from Condominium. Once you hear "Wanna Gotta Gonna", you're gonna be like, "Yeah, of course Rutledge is into this band!" But what I might like best about the group's debut EP Inside Jokes for Outside People is its stylistic variety. Lord knows I've got a weakness for female-fronted poppy punk. And this EP, bookended by "Comin' For My Love" and the aforementioned gem "Wanna Gotta Gonna", had me jumping for joy upon immediate contact. However, there's more happening here than just straight ahead power pop type stuff. And some of the "different" sounding songs are among the strongest on the record. "Midnight Lies" is garagey paisley pop a la early Bangles, while the vaguely chilling new wave/synth pop sounds of "String Along Girl" take me back to the early '80s in an entirely good way. What a fun EP! And M.G.P., for my money, is one of the best singers out there. The worst thing you can say about this disc is that it's too short. Then again, that might be the best thing you can say about it as well. When a band leaves you wanting more, you know they're doing something right! If you fondly recall The Short Fuses or are currently into bands like Midnite Snaxxx, you've GOT to check out The Pinsch!


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bmo said...

nice. if i bought every record you made sound like something i'd love, i'd be too poor to buy food. but i'd have a lot of great records.