Friday, January 25, 2013

Meet Tweens!

Cincinnati's Tweens have become one of my top bands to watch in 2013, and they've done so on the strength of just one song! Last year the trio digitially released a recording of their debut live performance, and now they're back with a studio track that has knocked my socks off! For reals! I am literally barefoot as I type this!

The name of the song is "Be Mean", and really it's everything I like in music. It's garagey. It's poppy. It's catchy and exuberant. If the live recording merely suggested the considerable potential of the band's punkified doo-wop and girl group angle, "Be Mean" signals Tweens' ascent into the realm of pure awesomeness. This tune is a little more straight-ahead punk rock than the live stuff was. The keen-eared Greg Mongroll is reminded of M.O.T.O. meets Young People With Faces. High praise! I'm inclined to agree if you throw in a little Bobbyteens and early Muffs as well! If these three can continue to write songs at this level, they've got quite a bright future in front of them. They've already got the attitude and enthusiasm to go far, and their catchy lo-fi style is my cup of tea for sure. I look forward to hearing more, and in the meantime you all should be putting "Be Mean" on your next mix! Great tune!


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