Sunday, November 20, 2011

Great Band You Forgot: The Johnnies

There have probably been over 700 classic bands out of the Boston punk scene, and most of them we all know well. But some flew under the radar. Without a doubt, I’d list The Johnnies (previously Johnny Bravo) in the top ten of any Boston band EVER. That’s how great they were. In that monumental year 1997 (the greatest year of the punk revival), they put out one of the year's best LPs, 12 Steps to Nowhere. For whatever reason, they never had the acclaim or record sales of a lot of bands of that time who frankly were not nearly as good. But the music endures. Imagine if Cheetah Chrome had joined forces with The Undertones and they listened to a lot of Dogmatics. Listen up and love it:

Check out this one, too:

The entire album is this good. Track it down at any cost!

R.I.P. Mike Scag.

- L.R.

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Greg said...

Great band and great bunch of drunks, I mean guys!
seen them countless times.
I uploaded a few Lobby Magnets tunes on youtube (pre-Johnny Bravo/Johnnies) Check out kiddies!