Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Vista Blue's Olympics single!

Summer Olympics 2016 start today, and Vista Blue is on it! Everyone's favorite pop-punk/power pop/oldies-core band has released a free Olympics-themed digital single just in time for the summer games. I recommend downloading it immediately and playing it during commercial breaks. Or if you're headed to a sports bar to catch Olympic coverage, this should be your psyche-up song en route! It amazes me that this band can be so incredibly prolific at turning out new material yet keep coming up with gold (pun absolutely intended). "At The Summer Olympics" is Vista Blue at the top of its game - a Beach Boys inspired ode to the pursuit of Olympic dreams. I'm pretty sure that the melody is going to be stuck in my head all week. The harmonies are on-point, and I dig the sparing but effective use of keyboards and lead guitar. I love how the lyrics use humor to pay great respect to the personal sacrifices an elite athlete has to make ("I've trained for years in North Dakota/I've never had a soda"). "I Don't Wanna Catch The Zika!" is a ripping instrumental homage to The Ramones, and it ought to be the personal anthem for anyone attending this year's Olympic games in Rio.

Vista Blue is a band that continues to delight. Whether you're an Olympics fan or not, check out the group's Bandcamp page for all kinds of free power pop and pop-punk goodness! 


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