Monday, August 22, 2016

Here are Tenement Rats!

There are few things I love more in life than '77 style punk rock. I'm especially pumped when I hear a band do the style so well that I can't believe the record wasn't actually made in 1977! Tenement Rats are a current band out of L.A. that sound so much like a real deal punk group from the '70s. I'm talking raw, primitive, and snotty as fuck punk rock that delivers a nasty attitude and killer tunes in equal abundance. The band's ripper of a debut EP is a new release on No Front Teeth Records, but it sounds like something that ought to be sandwiched in your vinyl collection between old 45s from The Users and Killjoys. Song titles like "Baby I'm Nauseous", "Do the Death Drug", and "Cold War Shithole" promise a certain kind of band, and boy do they ever deliver the goods! Seriously: this is the punk rock kick in the teeth that you've been waiting for! It comes as no surprise that members of No Front Teeth standouts Radiohearts and The Gaggers are involved with this group alongside singer/guitarist Jonny Watkins. I'm a huge NFT fan, and this is the best thing the label has released in a while...a must-have for fans of Eater, Slaughter and the Dogs, and GG & The Jabbers!


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