Thursday, August 11, 2016

A deal and a steal from Midnite Snaxxx!

In my book, Dulcinea Gonzalez is a punk rock all-time great. She fronted The Loudmouths - one of the most kick-ass and criminally underappreciated punk bands of the late '90s. Her current band Midnite Snaxxx has been going strong since 2010 - originally a trio with Renee Leal and Tina Lucchesi and now featuring the talents of Chris (guitar), Camylle (bass), and Sammy (drums). If I were listing the top ten bands of this present decade, Midnite Snaxxx would definitely make the cut. Everything this group has released has been gold - and that runs the gamut from those garage/power pop/girl group influenced earlier releases to the straight-ahead '70s punk fury of its most recent single "Don't Wake Me Up". A fine documentation of the band's existing recorded output is now available on cassette. It's called Snaxxx Traxxx 2010-2015, and it can be purchased from Bandcamp for just six bucks. It includes all of the band's self-titled LP from 2012 along with four singles on Total Punk, Goner, and Raw Deluxe Records for a total of 20 songs. If you like playing music on cassette, this is an incredible deal! And even if you aren't a cassette person, you can still download all of these tracks from Bandcamp for less than $20. For a number of years, all of this material was only available on vinyl. I kept holding out hope for a digital release of the Snaxxx catalog, and I am elated that that has become a reality!

Looking at the music that Midnite Snaxxx has produced thus far, it's pretty much everything that great punk ought to be: raw, tough, and perfectly constructed for sing-along fun. The self-titled LP is in the running for punk album of the decade. And with a new long player called Chew On This slated for release in the fall, this is a great time to get caught up on all the older stuff. Snaxxx Traxxx cassettes are limited to 150 copies, so hop to it if you want one!


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