Monday, August 8, 2016

Meet The Vitamens!

I love it when a punk band records a demo and it's just freaking perfect. Hailing from Kansas City, The Vitamens play straight-up punk rock that's raw and snotty as hell. They've been swell enough to put this first recording session up on Bandcamp, and the thing just rips! It has that classic punk demo feel to it - capturing a band that's in an early stage of development yet already hinting at inevitable greatness. The songwriting is totally on-point, and lead singer McKayla brings attitude and star power in abundance. You could play this demo for someone and easily pass it off as an unearthed treasure from 1995 or even 1977. What a pleasure it is to discover a band like this in the year 2016! Download is available via Bandcamp. Cassette version coming soon from No Friends!


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Sid Much Rock said...

I believe I heard that the band played its last show a few weeks back. They come and go quick in KC.