Wednesday, August 10, 2016

New single from The Breakdowns!

With plenty of summer still left to go, the latest single from Nottingham, U.K.'s Breakdowns ought to be cued up in your car and set to play loud! I last reviewed The Breakdowns (sometimes billed in the States as Los Breakdowns) at the beginning of 2015, and since then the band has released two more EPs along with a new single called "Your Hand In Mine". And while the band's musical style generally covers the full spectrum of garage/glam punk/power pop, "Your Hand In Mine" turns its focus to the pure pop side of The Breakdowns. Needless to say, I'm not complaining! "Your Hand In Mine" is a truly fine example of what a three-minute pop song ought to be: exultant, hook-laden rock n' roll celebrating the breathtaking magic of young love. I will always appreciate a band that can deliver a line like "Nobody's gonna tell me ever/We weren't born to be together" and genuinely sell it! While no doubt informed by punk rock and power pop, this song is most deeply rooted in the timeless sounds of the '60s. It leads perfectly into a cover of "When You Walk In The Room" - Jackie DeShannon's splendid 1963 single that was famously re-done by The Searchers a year later.

"Your Hand In Mine" is a formidable addition to The Breakdowns' catalog - a winning homage to the timeless pop singles of yore and a true treat for the eternal teenager that exists within all of us. This is great music for steamy makeout sessions, slow dancing with your sweetie, or just general fun in the sun. All of The Breakdowns recent releases are quite good, so head on over to their Bandcamp and stream away!


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