Sunday, August 20, 2023

The Prize - "First Sight"

After I (like most everyone else in our international underground power pop/punk/garage bubble) totally flipped for The Prize's debut single last year, I immediately found myself wanting more. The Prize, to me, had the most promising debut release not just of 2022 but of the last few years. And thankfully, the wait for new material was fairly short. The Melbourne-based five-piece is back with its second single, a co-release between Anti-Fade and Drunken Sailor Records. "First Sight," the A-side cut, is another smash hit of powerful pop meets classic rock n' roll. The track comes out blasting with three hard-driving guitars and a beat that's impossible to resist. And when that "Tonight! Tonight! Tonight!" hook comes in, you'll be residing in Sing-Along City! The song tells the story of an instant, magical attraction —  pretty familiar territory for a power pop tune. But let's just say this tale takes an unfortunate turn, and what results is an immensely relatable, true-to-life song. On the flip side, "Say You're Mine" has a punky new wave circa 1980 feel to it. This is the stuff of classic power pop: mixing lyrical themes of heartbreak and longing with a bouncy, uplifting musical energy. Who doesn't love a bitter pill with a sweet coating? All in all, this single is a more-than-satisfying follow-up to last year's Wrong Side of Town EP. There is no repress planned, so grab a copy while you can. If power pop is your thing, aural bliss awaits!

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Cobber67 said...

Saw them this past week in London with The Speedways. Both terrific.