Thursday, March 16, 2023

The NAGGS - self titled EP

So I've been absolutely flipping out over the debut EP from The NAGGS! And I think a lot of you will be doing the same within moments. The NAGGS are five women from Düsseldorf who play catchy  punk/powerpop/rock n' roll that's chock full of energy and personality. While three-fifths of the band's self-titled debut is cover material, I don't think that's a minus at all. The cover selections give you great insight into what The Naggs are all about musically. On this release they take on a mega-classic from the almighty Teenage Head ("Picture My Face") along with a couple of golden oldies from the world of powerpop/punk: The Meanies' "It's True" and The Amber Squad's "Can We Go Dancing?" All three covers are performed with maximum enthusiasm and infectious charm. The two originals hold their own alongside such illustrious material. In particular, "Not Her Fate" is a stone cold jam! If this song doesn't fill you with joy and excitement, you are likely a robot. All in all, this is a super-fun debut and a must-hear if you dig rockin' poppy punk. I don't know a whole lot about The NAGGS just yet, but I do know that they've left me wanting more!

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