Saturday, March 11, 2023

The New Brutarians - Don't Want To Know Your Secrets


Hot on the heels of its dynamite debut album Hysteria and in advance of an already-written follow-up, everyone's favorite Florida-based lo-fi pop art minimalist glam punk rock n' roll duo has treated us to a surprise mini-album featuring some of its strongest songs to date. Adam T. and Christina Wright, collectively known as The New Brutarians, have gone back to their roots on the six-song release Don't Want To Know Your Secrets. With inspiration striking, these new songs came to be. Rather than wait to record them later, the duo cut them live in all their glorious rawness. In contrast to the (relatively) produced sound of the LP, these tracks have a looser, more spontaneous feel that's reminiscent of the band's debut single. Yet in terms of the quality of the songwriting, these tunes are miles ahead of what The New Brutarians were doing back in the year that cannot be mentioned. "I Don't Want To Know Your Secrets" is "vintage" New Brutarians and a perfect choice for a leadoff/title track. Adam channels his inner Stiv Bators on this Velvets inspired lo-fi toe-tapper, and the keyboards add a whole new dimension to the song. "In My Next Life" is my pick for the "hit" here. It features some of Adam's best-ever lyrics and a melody you can hum all day. Depending on your point of view, it's either folky punk rock or punky folk rock. Is there really a difference? "Enterprise" is one of those songs that slowly works its way into your soul and becomes unshakeable. With its kiss of saxophone and avant garde feel, "Delta Blue" sounds like it should be emanating from someone's New York City apartment at 3:00 AM. "Hollywood" could almost pass for a missing track off G N' R Lies. In keeping with The New Brutarians' history of standout cover songs, the album closes with a spooky and artistic interpretation of Bob Dylan's modern classic "Standing in the Doorway." 

If you're like me and consider The New Brutarians one of the freshest and most exciting acts in today's underground rock n' roll scene, you will not be disappointed with Don't Want To Know Your Secrets. Certainly it's going to be some time before the duo's next full-length sees the light of day. This excellent mini-album is an unexpected treat in the interim. And how great is that cover art? This release is available for your listening pleasure from YouTube, Apple Music, and Spotify. Look for a limited edition cassette pressing coming soon on Bandcamp!

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