Thursday, July 07, 2022

Froggy & The Ringes - Ringe Rock Pond Scum

Ringe Rock Pond Scum, the debut album from the mysterious U.K. outfit Froggy & The Ringes, is far more than just the best amphibian-fronted punk album I've ever heard. It's one of the most brilliant punk records of recent memory, and you will be doing yourself a great disservice if you dismiss it as novelty. This, my friends, is garage punk music in all its primitive glory. Mix one part wild & thumping garage rock with one part obnoxious punk rock. Add a pinch of hardcore, some budget synth, and lyrics which one esteemed scholar has properly termed "batshit." This is a recipe for greatness. If you enjoy hooting & hollering, filthy guitars, and the sound of an individual trying to beat a drum kit to death, this album will take you to your happy place. Granted, the lyrics are frog-centric. But isn't it logical to expect a man-frog to write about what he knows best? From the opening strains of "Ringe Rock," I knew this album was going to be bonkers in a totally good way. "Pond Scum," an ode to the most disreputable crew in town, is a fiery anthem for all pond scum both literal and figurative. Smash hits such as "One Chord Frog," "Being Louche Is Not A Crime," and "Fuck You, Kermit!" prove to be every bit as raging and raucous. "Good Livin'" is Froggy's life manifesto and a crackling slice of Childish-inspired primitive rock and roll. "Do the Frog" is guaranteed to get the dance floor hopping. Never settling to be a one-dimensional front-frog, Froggy channels an American evangelical preacher on "Growin' Grapes" and works himself into an epic frenzy on the positively blistering "Tadpoles." 

Ringe Rock Pond Scum has reportedly been flying off the shelves since its release last week on Kibou and Amok Records. All the punk rockers and garage fanatics know this record is no joke. I have not heard this style of music executed this perfectly in quite some time. Musically, lyrically, and spiritually, this album is what all garage punk records should aspire to be. It begs to be played loud while the drink flows. Order a copy while you still can!


mickfletcher said...

really good album from a band that definitely doesn't feature James Domestic (according to James Domestic who I think may lie!). Have you heard his solo album Carrion Repeating, another very fine album but completely different from Ringe Rock Pond Scum

Lord Rutledge said...

Carrion Repeating is a brilliant album. Truly an original work of art and one of the best albums of the year!