Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Watts - Seventeen

Alright! Watts, one of America's finest rock and roll bands, has released maybe its strongest single yet. And it's free! Written by singer/guitarist Dan Kopko, "Seventeen" is Side A of a brand-new digital single available from Rum Bar Records. It's a ripping dive bar rocker that ought to have you dancing in your PJs within seconds. It delivers just about everything you could want from a rock and roll song: a toe-tapping beat, hard bluesy riffs, a killer vocal from Dan, sizzling lead work, a sing-along chorus, and for good measure a whole lot of horns! Watts is definitely treading early '70s Stones territory here - familiar ground for the Boston foursome. And let me tell you: the band rocks out this track like there's no tomorrow! As you can always expect from a Danny the K production, the guitars and drums are absolutely thunderous. Alex Kopko's horns add a cool layer to the band's usual attack. I know horns in rock and roll can be hit or miss, but here they definitely hit. This song is such a scorcher that it just about leaves me breathless! On the B-side, "When The Party Ends" switches things up with a mellow, reflective vibe that again brings peak-era Stones to mind. Dan and guitarist John Blout wrote this one together. It's a true power ballad - showing the thoughtful side of Watts while still packing one hell of a punch. 

Although "Seventeen" is a digital single, I appreciate that it was designed like it was a vinyl record. Watts has given us a pair of songs that are meant to complement each other. You've got one song for the height of the party and another for the contemplative morning after. This record is a perfect example of why I love Watts. Of course these guys can play circles around just about anybody, but it's their ability to write amazing tunes that really sets them apart. Crank up your digital turntable and enjoy a classic rock and roll single like hardly anybody makes anymore. All you need is a Watts poster for your wall!


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