Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Wassup Rocker Radio Presents: Sick Sounds 2

Who says sequels are never as good as the original?! Alex Kish runs Wassup Rocker Radio - one of the best radio shows going and an absolute go-to for the best in punk, garage, power pop, glam, and underground rock and roll. In 2018, WRR released a free digital compilation called Sick Sounds to highlight many of the great bands it plays. Now we get the follow-up in Sick Sounds 2, which features 25 bands from all over the world. This comp gives you a free sampling of many of my favorite bands/artists of the moment. Hayley and the Crushers, The Sorels, Los Pepes, Pale Lips, Natalie Sweet, More Kicks, Bambies, The Speedways, and The Whiffs all make appearances with songs from recent releases I have favorably reviewed. There are also some killer tracks from bands I wasn't previously familiar with. I especially dig the old school power pop of Josephine, the L.A. glam boogie rock of Hammered Satin, the super-awesome pop-punk of Grumpster, the wild garage punk action of Les Lullies, and the snotty proto-hardcore stylings of World War IX. There's also an unreleased gem from Midwestern bubblegum standouts ABC Gum. All in all, this is a tremendously well-assembled compilation. There's not a sub-par track out of the entire 25, and this is a wonderful way to hear a whole bunch of really great bands for free. If you like what you hear, you can follow the links to these bands' official releases. And of course you'll want to check out Wassup Rocker Radio on Facebook and Mixcloud. If you enjoy this blog, you need to be listening to WRR!


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