Monday, March 23, 2020

OC Rippers II

It was just this past December when I reviewed the first demo tape from Ocean County, New Jersey's OC Rippers. Well the Rippers are already back with a second demo, and as expected their sound is tighter and harder this time around. Rob, Kris, Lyle, and John continue to tear out raw and fierce old school punk rock on these five killer tracks. "Late Night TV Lover" is especially blistering, but I also dig the way "I Need Noise" detours into some heavy duty jamming before roaring back into straight-up aggressive punk territory. You get four originals here plus a raging cover of Nervous Eaters' "Just Head" that seems like a no-brainer choice for this band. And in a day and age when punk bands often put out "demos" that sound like slick studio recordings, it's nice to hear these tracks exuding a genuine "made in the garage" rawness. If you dig the tougher side of early punk and proto punk, now's a time to get hip to one of the top rising bands out there. East Coast represent!


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