Thursday, March 26, 2020

Aborted Tortoise - Scale Model Subsistence Vendor

What's this? Another killer punk group coming out of Australia? You're goddamn right! Perth's Aborted Tortoise has released its third EP Scale Model Subsistence Vendor on the legendary label Goodbye Boozy Records. And lemme tell you: this thing is ripping! Aborted Tortoise tears through four smashing tracks that meld modern-day garage punk in with elements of surf, early '80s hardcore, oddball post-punk, and typically pummeling Aussie punk rock. Connor Lane sounds absolutely on out of his mind on lead vocals, and behind him is a band that plays with tremendous force and reckless intent. These songs are loud and raw just the way you like it, but they've got a noisy/spastic thing going as well that will really grab your attention. You know how sometimes you'll put on a punk record and be like, "Yeah, it's alright, but nothing I haven't heard before"? That's not happening with this one! This band is as formidable as any Aussie punk group of recent memory. And this is its best record by far. To quote the illustrious Mick Fletcher, "Expect to be blown away".


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