Sunday, September 09, 2018

The Control Freaks - "I Am Crime"

Hey! We have new music from The Control Freaks! "I Am Crime" is the band's third single and first since last year's "No Action"/"Don't Mess With Jessica" double shot. This one, like the previous two, has been released by the venerable Bachelor Records. By now you ought to know that The Control Freaks are very much what you'd expect from a Greg Lowery fronted band. The spirit behind Supercharger and The Rip Offs lives on, minus the super lo-fi recording quality. Both cuts here are originals. A-side "I Am Crime" is a classic GL composition, equally informed by '70s punk and '90s garage trash. If you like fun, snotty punk, you will want to crank this one up all the way. On the flip, "Time's Up" is the first Control Freaks song written by Sherrilyn Nelson.

If you long for the glory days of garage-punk, long no more and enjoy the fact that bands like The Control Freaks and Ruler are around and kicking all kinds of ass. Honestly you need to own The Control Freaks' complete catalog. But "I Am Crime" would not be a bad place to start!


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