Thursday, July 07, 2016

New EP from The Antidon'ts!

When it comes to hardcore punk, I'm all about the old school stuff. And so the latest EP from The Antidon'ts is totally up my alley. This trio from Port Charlotte, Florida rips it up like the early '80s never ended - tearing through fast, snotty tunes that will have you pumped to grab your skateboard or jump in a circle pit. Bringing to mind the likes of the Circle Jerks, Dead Kennedys, early Black Flag, and Milo Goes To College era Descendents, Ate My Pizza! delivers eight furious shots of hardcore surf punk adrenaline. Tracks like "Optimistic Loser" and "Banned In PC" bring the '82-style hardcore just the way I like it. "I Bet He Pushes Mongo" and "(You're) Goin' in the Grinder" find The Antidon'ts living up to their billing as the "heaviest surf punk trio in Florida". And for something different, "A Little Mad Sometimes" brilliantly lays an instrumental track over dialogue from the movie Psycho.

For their third release, The Antidon'ts have come through with a totally killer EP. And in the spirit of the classic bands they emulate, these guys understand that even the most raging punk music ought to be great fun above all else. When it's done well (as is the case here), this kind of music is truly timeless. Play these songs loud and piss some people off!