Thursday, August 01, 2013

It's The Whipshades!

Alright! How about some good old meat & potatoes punk rock n' roll?! Straight out of Fredrikstad, Norway come The Whipshades, and they ain't fooling around! Self-described as "fast, loud and primitive rock n' roll!", the band's sound imbues a ripping '70s punk attack with the spirit of Little Richard and Chuck Berry. Sound good? Of course it does! Their single "Where the hell would I be without Rock n Roll?" sounds like it ought to be an anthem, and it totally is! Think Devil Dogs/Dictators style action with a touch of Demolition 23. This is how I like my rock n' roll - with energy and guts, but also hooks. As the title suggests, this one's a total sing-along. And on lead guitar, Stefan Lindberg tears it up like Johnny Thunders incarnate. Brilliant! B-side cut "Bloodshot Eyes" is very much in that same vein of driving rock n' roll with a '70s punk feel. Reminds me a little of one of my favorite bands from the '90s, the Dead End Cruisers. That's gotta be a good thing! For sure, this is one of the best singles I've heard all year. You can stream both cuts over at The Whipshades' Bandcamp page and also dig into a couple of tunes these guys recorded live back in March. "Stay Out All Night" is a total monster!

If you dig the punk rock n' roll thing, you need to jump on The Whipshades train immediately. These fellas are the real deal. Seems like these European bands always "get" it!


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